BLAST for Healing Trauma


A method proven highly successful and rooted in science.

Although BLAST sounds intense, it is actually very gentle. BLAST stands for Bi-Lateral Analysis and Stimulation Technique. The persistence of both significant and minor pains and traumas in our lives can lead to various challenges in our daily experiences. When I was introduced to this technique it left me truly astounded by it’s straightforwardness and efficacy. It’s often the simplest methods that carry the most profound impact, prompting me to seek training in it. I recognized the immense potential it held in assisting my clients.

 Through a simple exercise involving tracking the movement of a pen without moving one’s head, I’ve been able to swiftly and effectively address issues like pain, grief, trauma, and even PTSD. The results have been remarkable, with noticeable improvements occurring within a surprisingly brief span of time.

Here is a portion of a testimonial from the official BLAST Technique website:

“I wanted to let you know how well I am doing and how happy I am. I remember when we did the BLAST® therapy and you explained how I would still have the memories but wouldn’t feel hurt and so emotional about it all. Since the therapy I had from you up until now, I really feel amazing. I have become so numb towards all of the pain and hurt and I now feel I can really move forward with my life.”

It’s important to clarify that this technique is rooted in science rather than spiritual or healing principles. However, I align my personal perspective with the understanding that when we are caught by pain, trauma, and ingrained behaviours, our progression along a spiritual path becomes hindered. By addressing and resolving these past emotions which are still revolving in our body, removing triggers and sources of pain, we create space for both life and the universe to expand, allowing a beautiful journey for our souls to embrace.

I am also qualified as an ADVANCED BLAST Practitioner

What Sarah’s Clients Say: BLAST


I had a profound experience in my first BLAST session with Sarah.

The trauma we were clearing involved me witnessing an extremely painful emotional experience for someone I loved deeply due to another person’s very careless words.

Before beginning Sarah asked me to rate the degree of the trauma on a scale of 1 – 10 with 10 being the most severe.  In the session I rated it at 8, although with hindsight I believe it fully justified a 10 as hardly a day had passed in the 18 months since the incident that I hadn’t thought about it and got very upset.

I was struck by the ease  of the process in which Sarah gave me clear and simple instructions to follow. I can honestly say that I could feel the heavy hearted feeling I had about this memory begin shifting within minutes of starting.

At one point Sarah asked me to rate again the trauma, which I did at several points lower.  We repeated the process, after which I rated the residual feelings at just a 2.

Sarah offered me the choice of staying at a 2 or clearing it completely.   I surprised myself by opting to stay at 2…my rationale being that I needed to retain awareness of how manipulative and hurtful the person responsible could be.

6 weeks later I am still at a 2 on this trauma.  I think of it far less often and when I do my emotional response is far less intense.

While writing this however I have had a realisation that the need for ongoing caution around this person is the responsibility of my mind and not my heart and so I shall be returning to Sarah to clear the trauma completely.

Thank you Sarah.

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