Examples of my methods…

And what to expect from a session!

Hello beautiful beings of Light. In this section I am sharing with you a few ideas of the kinds of issues we can work on together in our sessions. People ask me what I do and to be honest, I STILL find it hard to explain it all in a nutshell.

Here are some of the areas I can help you with, but this is not an exhaustive list! When you have your free discovery call with me, I will find out more about you and together, we can create your own, bespoke pathway into a happier, healthier, and more empowered version of YOU.

Take a look and see how I can help you in all areas of your life.

General Energy Reading and Guidance From Source:

I generally begin each session with an energy reading, but sometimes this can become a whole session! I am guided by Spirit to help you understand how you are presenting in your life on an energy level and how you might want to alter your behaviours and habits to enhance your life experiences.
There are usually a few downloads and belief changes which you are offered at this stage too.

Clearing Trapped Emotions:

Everything is energy, we are made of energy, our emotions are energy! When we feel strong emotions and don’t express and release them, they become trapped in the body where they cause imbalances. Sometimes we are triggered into strong emotional responses by these trapped emotions and they are certainly exhausting to carry. Would you like to be free from these old emotional energies which have been sitting in your body… maybe for decades? Did you know that we can even inherit emotions from our ancestors up to 7 generations back??? Using the Emotion Code, we can quickly and easy set them… and you… free to feel more light, vibrant and joyful, not to mention you may find that some of your physical issues which trouble you will begin to dissolve and clear as a result.

Healing the Heart:

Our hearts have a hard time on this planet and need our love and attention. Our lives can be transformed, and our pain and burden eased by clearing the Heart Wall, cutting negative cording, shifting negative thought patterns and self-talk, clearing karma, doing ‘Belief in love’ activations, balancing the magnetic and toroidal fields.

Are you wanting to let go of an old relationship or open your heart to receive love or even attract in a new love or new friendships? Healing the heart is a great way to support this process.

Did you know that the heart sends messages around the body and even has its own ‘brain’? When the heart feels pain, it wraps itself up to protect itself. What does it wrap around itself? Trapped emotions which are sitting in your body!

Some people are carrying what we call ‘Heart Walls’ which are metres or even miles thick! When my heart wall was cleared, I felt SO happy and light-hearted, it was amazing. By clearing the heart wall, we allow messages between the heart and the body and brain to be sent and received with greater clarity and once again your health and wellbeing can improve. If you are feeling heavy hearted, let us clear you heart wall. If you are looking for love… clear your heart wall and open up to connecting with new friends or even a new partner.

Clearing Low Vibrational Energies:

As we move through life it is easy to pick up low vibrational energies. Carrying these might be making you feel tired, stretched, burdened, low and more. A great way to use your time with me is to focus on releasing and clearing these low vibrational energies which you DEFINITELY don’t want!

These low vibrations come from different places such as EMF’s and microwaves, heavy metals and all the toxins which we are exposed to on a daily basis. However, they can also come from our own negative beliefs (often unconscious beliefs) which we have learned in this life, brought with us from previous lifetimes or even inherited from up to 7 generations back.

Finally, there are parasitic entities which attach to us as well as negative and unpleasant entities which cause us harm and harbour ill will. If you have been (or are) an addict you will definitely benefit from detoxifying from them but also, even if you have ever had an anaesthetic these energies and entities can easily get into your Light body!

We even pick up what are called ‘saboteur’ injury from angry or unkind emotions being thrown at us by strangers or our family and friends.

You know how sometimes you enter a room or a building or you meet a person and you can feel their ‘low vibes’? This is your energy body and intuition guiding you. There are many energies and entities out there which can get attached to our energy field and cause problems for you emotionally, physically and spiritually. In my experience, nearly every client who comes to me has some low vibrational energies which need to be cleared.

Help with Stress and Anxiety:

Anxiety, stress and depression are rampant in our society at the moment. By working with me I can help you to turn your life around! EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) which is also known as Tapping is a fantastic way to ease your pain. I also use and teach you Emotional Intelligence techniques, Mindfulness tips and tricks and practices and much more! If you have trauma of any sort (and if you have been alive more than a couple of decades, I can practically guarantee that you do) then the awesome BLAST Technique is a great way to find the relief and freedom in your life which you so desperately desire and deserve. 

I teach many clients basic emotional intelligence and mindfulness techniques. I am well trained in Mindfulness and qualified to teach it to children, teens and adults. By understanding how the brain works, and learning new ways of thinking, clients can experience relief from their anxiety. EFT is very helpful here!! Using Thetahealing techniques we are also able to uncover and clear unconscious beliefs which create barriers to health and happiness. A few sessions with me could radically relieve you of your suffering!

Connecting More Clearly with your Intuition and Guides:

Our intuition is a true Superpower, and our modern society has undermined it, gas lit you into believing you are crazy or simply taught you to value logic over the heart. This is particularly damaging for women; it is our absolute birth right and deep nature to live intuitively and lovingly from the heart. Would you like to learn to listen to and trust this natural Superpower? Maybe even begin to connect with your Guides, Guardians and Angels?

By using a variety of approaches, we can clear away old blocking beliefs which are interfering with this natural ability; some of these beliefs are brought from previous lifetimes (usually religious) or inherited from our ancestors. Time to have a good clear out and believe that you are 100% able to live intuitively!

Rebalancing the Body to Help It To Heal from Dis-ease:

If you are struggling with physical problems, you have probably tried doctors, medications, diet and more but if none of these things has really helped you to feel better, we can focus on healing your body using the Body Code! I connect with your energy (once you have given me permission) and using the Body code system and a cool technique called ‘Muscle Testing’ we can get to the root causes and imbalances which are creating the dis-ease in your body, clear them out and allow your amazing and wise body to heal itself.

Abundance and Prosperity Activations:

Who doesn’t want to live in joyful prosperity and abundance? If you like the sound of getting rid of old beliefs which are blocking your abundance and encoding you with new, more helpful beliefs to support you in creating the life you desire, some Abundance and Prosperity Activation session could be just what you have been searching for!

We have so many variations of abundance and prosperity blockages, it is a beautiful healing to free ourselves from them. Abundance is not simply about money, but also things such as gratitude, appreciation and pleasure in food, friendships and fun. I have a list of 100 of the main unconscious beliefs which block abundance and prosperity which is a great place to start! Maybe you have just a few or MANY!! Learning to feel worthy of accepting love and good things in our lives is a fundamental part of prosperity as well as creating beliefs such as ‘it is safe to be successful’ ‘I am allowed to be wealthy/happy/healthy’ There is so much to this area of personal discovery…what do you think your abundance and prosperity blocks might be?

Fear, Anxiety, and Worry:

I teach many clients basic emotional intelligence and mindfulness techniques. I am well trained in Mindfulness and qualified to teach it to children, teens and adults. By understanding how the brain works, and learning new ways of thinking, clients can experience relief from their anxiety. EFT is very helpful here!! Using Thetahealing techniques we are also able to uncover and clear unconscious beliefs which create barriers to health and happiness. A few sessions with me could radically relieve you of your suffering!


We all carry trauma; some more than others of course, and it interferes with our health, happiness and success. The BLAST Technique is a truly fantastic method of clearing trauma quickly and cleanly and it is gone for EVER! Whatever your level of trauma from full blown PTSD to much milder levels, work with me using the BLAST technique and your life might just be transformed!

Feminine Empowerment and Personal Sovereignty:

Women carry massive trauma due to the centuries of persecution (burning of witches and wise women), sexism, and trauma of all descriptions. Our power has been systematically stripped from us and our natural intuition and creativity removed and undermined. By working to heal this collective, ancestral and personal trauma we bring the ancient wisdoms of the Priestess and Sisterhood back to life. This is raising the vibration of the whole planet. Reclaiming our true birthright and these
ancient powers and wisdom is central to our health and wellbeing. (Also check out my Sister Circles as a place of profound feminine healing and empowerment)

How I can help your Furry Friends:

Clearing trapped emotions and trauma in our pets is super easy and powerful. I have done this with so many rescue animals, and it can make a big difference with their fears and anxiety. Ask me to communicate with them too… they can tell me where they are in pain, why they are behaving in a certain way or I can simply connect energetically and feel into what is going on for them. Of course, all dis-ease and imbalance can be eased and helped in just the same way I work with humans!

Working to Support your Children:

Whilst your children are under the age of 18, as long as I have your permission, I can work on all issues for them and they don’t need to be present or even know we are doing the work! Perhaps your child is suffering with anxiety, bad dreams, ADHD, phobias… or anything else for that matter! Gentle energy work may bring release from their pain. Most parents find our sessions insightful, and I am able to bring clarity and an understanding of what is going for their child which they had not had before! Of course, if you would like your child present, I am more than happy to work with both yourself and your child present.

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