Sistership Circles

Welcoming women to meet in sacred circle without judgement. 

Each month I hold both in person and online Sistership Circles. Here we gather in sisterhood to love, honour and support our inner growth.

The call of the Divine Feminine is growing stronger in these times and women all around the World are re-learning how to gather in sacred community as we have done for aeons before the power and honouring of the feminine was inverted and the age of the Patriarchy began.

Join me in sacred ceremony with other sisters every month. Together as a Sisterhood, we sit in Sacred Circle and heal; meeting with a loving and supportive intention, using ancient wisdom we help each other to feel seen, safe and heard on our journey through life. In this nurturing and inclusive environment, women come together to form a supportive community, an ancient tradition, honoured by generations of women all around the world. Just as we have done for millennia, we gather with the intention of creating a space where women can truly feel seen, feel safe, be heard, and embrace each other as they navigate their ups and downs.

It’s a space free from judgment, competition, expectations, or external pressures. It’s a place for self-discovery, where you can reconnect with your inner Goddess.

Here, you’re encouraged to be your authentic self, learn more about your own being, and build meaningful connections with like-minded women. We understand that there is nothing more powerful than a group of women sitting together in a sacred circle. Here, we focus on healing our sister wounds, nurturing genuine connections, and honouring each other. In our circle, there’s no room for judgment and we do not attempt to coach or fix one another. Instead, we purely receive deep inner healing through the profound experience of being witnessed and accepted just as we are.

Every woman matters, and in this circle, you matter, always.

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